Inniss Physical Therapy


Inniss Physical Therapy specializes in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. This includes total joint replacement rehabilitation, spine surgery rehabilitation, rotator cuff and knee ligament reconstructions, balance training and general conditioning, sports medicine, assessment of movement disorders and many others.

Inniss Physical Therapy was one of the first clinics west of Texas to introduce Unloaded Ambulation, partial Body Weight treadmill training.  We have also been the first physical therapy clinic in San Diego to introduce isoinertial training and Norsk Sequence Training. 

Our Specialties Include: 

* Manual Physical Therapy 
* Orthopedic Physical Therapy
* Post-Operative (
Rotator Cuff Repair, Total Hip/Knee. etc.) 
* Sports Rehabilitation
* Geriatrics 
* Motor Vehicle Accidents/Whiplash
* Vertigo/Balance Disorders
* Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction / Spinal Injuries
* Visceral Manipulation / Abdominal Pain
* Assisted Unweighted Treadmill Training
* Kinesio/Rock Taping

The impulse trainer is a unique piece of exercise equipment. It trains the neuromuscular control of the trunk during limb activity and stability about the joint were motion occurs. This requires high speed coordinated action from the muscles surrounding a joint. This practice at timing also allows for high speed training not available on conventional pulley equipment. The impulse trainer has application in our geriatric population as well as high demand sports performance.  

Kinesio-Tape and/or Rock Tap are frequently used in our clinic. Both methods of taping can be used for an array of therapeutic benefits.

Unloading Ambulation is the bridge between an aquatic program and full body weight training. It is very useful in regaining appropriate walking pattern following fractures, reconstructive surgeries, lumbar herniated disc, and strokes.

The unloaded step-down training allows a patient to work at an appropriate intensity; that is at a load that they can control. Not only at the quadriceps, but also at the hip musculature that provides the appropriate stability for this task. It does one no benefit to limp or lurch while trying to practice ascending or descending steps. 

The tape is flexible and elastic that moves with your body, while providing support.  It can be beneficial for numerous sporting injuries or simply acute or chronic pain.

The taping technique can be utilized for muscle support and relaxation, pain relief, proper muscle recruitment and for swelling by promoting blood and lymphatic circulation.  

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