Inniss Physical Therapy


As an indication of Inniss Physical Therapy's reputation in the medical community, in the last year alone we have treated treated 21 doctors and 25 family members of doctors.

"I came to Bruce after the third surgery on my shoulder.  My shoulder joint was replaced and in the process my ulner nerve was damaged, causing severe, burning pain.  My recovery was difficult and long.  Bruce listened to all my concerns, calmed my fears and honored my limitations.  He worked diligently pulling from his vast knowledge and desire to help me over every hurdle my shoulder presented.  He worked as if from a sixth sense.  Because of his level of commitment I have a high percentage of functionality in my left arm.  He is truly a master of his craft."

"I developed a Tarlov Cyst in my Sciatica Nerve which was the cause of a great deal of debilitating pain.  I couldn’t sit down so I was unable to drive, go anywhere, really, and work had become intolerable.  After 3 years the decision was made to remove it and both the doctor and I had great hope I would be back on my feet in no time.  But, after the surgery, instead of getting better, I gradually became much worse.  I was housebound, in excoriating pain even though I was on powerful pain medication.  Bills started to pile up as work had become impossible and my bedtime was now 5 p.m. surrounded with ice packs and more pills.  During those 5 years I went to neurologists and other Physical Therapists recommended by doctors and not one of them had a suggestion or even any encouragement for me.  I had several MRI’s but nothing showed up on them.  Finally, my family practitioner said to try his recommendation: not the fancy Neuro surgeons, but the physical Therapist in his building that he thought could really help: Inniss Physical Therapy.  I had promised myself I would not give up so I went by the office and spoke to Bruce Inniss personally.  After a thorough examination he determined the problem, began a regimen of deep tissue massage, and stretching exercises and after 6 weeks I have little to no pain! I’m walking, driving and back to work full time."



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